Why Are We Targetting Virat Kohli For Getting Married Abroad?

Posted by shakeel ahmad in Society
December 24, 2017

The saffron party politicians targeted the newlyweds Virat and Anushka for marrying abroad.

One Pune-based leader stated that Virat earned his money and fame in India and took all of it abroad. Another Anantnag-based leader condemned the celebrity couple, saying they could have at least their honeymoon in the Kashmir, heaven on earth in the words of Emperor Noor-ud-din Mohd Jehangir. Was it not more a political jibe rather than illogical statements?

It might have been a way to strike on the cricketer’s annual income of about, which, according to the Forbes India Celebrity 100 list, was totalled to ₹100.72 crore. Though his income has declined to about a certain two-digit percent, he ably maintained the third spot in the first three rankings. The income consideration was based on the celebrity’s entertainment-related earnings from October 2016 to the period of September 2017.

After the Bhansali’s film, their weddings remained the hot controversial news for projecting them as unpatriotic. They were probably trying to escape the intense media coverage that would have come their way, and so they performed their wedding rites in Tuscany. This was the bride’s favourite destination and hence was chosen for the rituals. But the incident whipped the media into a tizzy. They gained publicity like the Bollywood film ‘Padmavati’ without really asking for it.

Why are we still so traditional in our thinking? Once, a foreign education was despicable for our countrymen. Religiously, studying abroad was frowned upon. It seems that similar mindset governs us even this present advanced times. Saner minds are now advising the critics to stop dissing them behind their back. Instead, show respect to the freshly married couples. They did what they liked, and no one can question their personal freedom.