What Were You Doing For 12 Years, Honourable Madhya Pradesh CM?

Sir, I recently read somewhere that, now you want to work on education and focus on it.

I have some questions:

1. You have been governing for more than 12 years. What have you done till now?

2. You said that you will focus on education. Then, why are you closing down government schools?

3. Do you want complete privatisation of the education sector?

4. Is an education revolution really not possible until you bring complete privatisation of the sector?

Sir, I want to put some facts in front of you. Recently, the vacancies for Patwari were issued, and it’s shocking that more than 10 lakh candidates filled the form for only 9000+ vacancies. What was even more shocking was that many people who had completed their PhD also filled the form. This clearly shows that Madhya Pradesh’s youth is severely suffering because of unemployment.

Everyone knows of Vyapam. It is a black spot on Madhya Pradesh. What are you doing to stop such huge scams from happening in the future? After all, we still get to hear news of scams in various competitive exams.

More importantly, it seems that you have started working on the education sector only after 12 years of being in power. Was education not your priority before? What have you done in the last 12 years in the education sector?

You said that you will be focusing on the education sector now. But, you are closing down many government-owned schools. Why? Is this the way to bring revolution in the education sector? Do you think that an education revolution cannot be brought in government schools?

My suggestions:

1. Sir, please meet Delhi’s deputy CM and education minister Manish Sisodiya and discuss this issue once. It will be very clear to you to how to bring the best in the education sector.

2. Please rethink your strategy, and don’t close the government schools. This will impact poor people the most, as they can’t afford to pay the high prices of educating their child in a private school.

3. Please make a policy to not allow the owners of private schools to increase the fees. As many of these people increase the fees for no reason. They are also treating the education sector as a business.

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