When it comes to Politics..

Posted by Anu Pradhan
December 10, 2017

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Politics has its own image, and all the fidelity in this profile belongs to the same order in respect. As this is a place where innocent and accused both comes in one cadre.

Belongs to the Rahul Gandhi, he is a dramatist in poiltics and when ball is not in his hands, he is approaching to take it back again with every possible efforts whether it is right or not.

Few days back an incident took place and was in news that in one of the tribal area in Gujrat, to gather their votes he did their traditional ‘timli’ dance. Dear Rahul, its good to get involved with every kind of people, with every community as we are living in secular India. But to gather vote, its not the right tactics to do. Why don’t you visit every tribal community at regular intervals and make an effort for the betterment of their standards. As life of them is not in a very good state and this is not a hidden matter. We common people know it so its a obvious thing that you are aware of that in a far better way.

You people can do it. Saddest part is, that it doesn’t your matter so why should you do this.

If such an effort these political leader can initiate without any selfishness, nobody can stop them to become a well known figure and in winning elections.

Note – The above written article is based on my perceptions.Will welcome your opinions. Thank you.

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