Why BJP May Emerge Victorious In Gujarat Polls

Posted by Subash Deb in Politics
December 12, 2017

The last phase of Gujarat polls will finally pave the way for the D Day settling questions being raised around the comeback of the longest ruling party in the state. Whatever may be the reasons for such negative conjecturing by the resurgent opposition, the fact of the state of affairs can be boiled down to some crucial points that will perhaps have some bearing on the outcome of the polls:

First up, the Congress President Designate, despite his new avatar as the new leader with a hoard of strong barbs against BJP and pro-poor, farmer stance, is the David in front of the Goliath Modi.

Secondly, though there’s a palpable sense of anti-incumbency in Gujarat, it is largely diminished by the biggest X-Factor Modi in this slugfest. If Indira was India and vice-versa at one time, then Modi is Gujarat if at all an attempt is made to draw some parallel to the current state of politics driven heavily by personalities.

Thirdly, though the Patidar, the OBCs and Dalits can breathe life into Congress in Gujarat’s political landscape, that wouldn’t, in any case, downsize Modi’s larger than life image in the state and its concomitant impact on the electorate.

Fourth, though the Congress takes a jibe at BJP for the lack of development in Gujarat, the state is still way ahead in terms of economic growth than most other states in India. That most attribute this development to Gujarati entrepreneurs isn’t farce at all. However, the reality also is that it found the most favourable conditions under his dispensation.