Why does congress do what it does?

Posted by Gaurav Mahendru
December 11, 2017

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Mani Shankar Aiyar recently said that we cannot integrate the Indian Muslims with India unless we have good relationship with the Islamic Fascists in Pakistan. Therefore the Islamic Fascists from the subcontinent have been given a blank cheque by Congress in India.

Pakistan knows that if Indian Muslims are integrated with the Indian nation that will prove the two nation theory as illogical and liable to be discarded. This is seen by Pakistan as a method to undo the partition. Therefore Pakistan has very cleverly co-opted the Anti Hindu bigots (Communists) and Islamic fascists in Pakistan and Bangladesh and put forward the below demands. Congress has signed up to spearhead the Genocide of Hindus on behalf of Islamic Fascists in India.

According to Islamic Fascists and Communists, Hindus are not human beings and their beliefs, roots, traditions and customs are vile, immoral, illegal and it is perfectly moral and legal to commit Arson, Rape & Murder of Hindus and also that the Muslims, Christians and Communists have a Holy duty of Genocide of Hindus by following and supporting the below golden rules:

Destruction of property owned by Hindus.

Denying them any avenues to propagate their point of view.

Denying them opportunity to grow and compete with the others.

Sexual grooming of Hindu women with the objective of decimating Hindus.

Shaming Hindus all over the world by regular usage of expletives, lies and morbid propaganda by sections of the Indian media and academia.

Denying Hindus justice in India and abroad.

Justifying violence against Hindus whenever it is done.

Declaring Hindu religion, beliefs, traditions and customs as the only source of unmitigated and unchangeable immorality and monstrosity.

Denying the use of technology to India as a nation so as that India does not make any progress and cannot defend itself.

Carrying out assassination of Indian scientist so that India does not become advanced technologically.

Providing institutional backing for violation of human rights of Hindus in India and abroad.

Building narratives that Hindus have been perpetrating violence for past 2000 years and it is the Christians, Muslims and Communists who have been showering flower petals on humanity and offering sweets to humanity.

Muslims and Communists should be allocated more funds so they can subvert the Indian History and consciousness.

Anyone or anything that generates prides in Hindus should be demonizes in a vile and disgusting manner so that they can never generate enough self belief to stand up for themselves.

Usage of caste should be promoted to keep the Hindus divided.

Education system should be used to deracinate all Hindus and ensure that children grow up with a sense of disgust and embarrassment towards their own roots, creed, parents, traditions, culture etc.

Subverting national and internal discourse via vigorous campaign filled with anti Hindu bigotry via the media and academia, in India and abroad.

Ensuring that the education system all over the world is filled with expletives and malice aimed at proving that Hindus are inhuman demons who should be shot at sight, attacked and chopped into pieces at the first opportunity as elucidated so beautifully by the compassionate and merciful Allah.

Hindus are gradually waking up to this grim reality. However, we are still ill prepared to fight back. For now BJP is holding fort but a more capable party might be needed to find suitable ways to fight back.

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