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Why I am not a feminist: and neither should be you.

Posted by Priyank Jain
December 28, 2017

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Feminism started as something pure and noble; a fight for women’s rights, in education, politics, society, family etc


Reader: Is this a Clickbait?
Me: Yes, as no one in their right mind will make such a statement unless he or she have an argument in mind.

Reader: So Are you a feminist?
Me: Yes and No. This confusion is precisely what led me to write this article. Am I a Feminist, or what is Feminism actually?

Reader: So what according to you is feminism?
Me: That’s where the problem lies. Feminism started as something pure and noble; a fight for women’s rights, in education, politics, society, family etc.

Reader: Sounds about right. So what is the problem?
Me: The problem was what came afterwards. Like religion, Feminism soon spread across the Globe, and met with both supporters and critics. Both of these groups, when engaged in debate, tried to modify the definition, twisting and substituting it often with their own brand of feminisms, suiting their own goals and aspirations.

Reader: Yes this was inevitable.
Me: I am glad you understand. And just like in the case of religion, if one who subscribes to it commits a horrible deed, the whole ideology is branded responsible.

Reader: But why do you think someone WILL do something horrible in the name of feminism?
Me: Won’t they? The only thing you can be sure of humans is their ability to do horrible things. And my claim is not without proof.
1. Hilary Clinton and her playing with feminism

  1. Jasleen Kaur’s NOT Eve-teasing incident

  1. Rohtak Bus incident, where the judgment came, but too late for these accusers,

…. And the list goes on.

Reader: But these are some isolated incident. Is it right to brand whole feminism wrong on the basis of them.
Me: No. But then, not everyone will be broad minded enough to see both sides of coin. And unfortunately, these are the people who are in majority.

Reader: So what is the solution?
Me: That no one is known by the name of Feminist. It creates problem you see. Rather everyone is judged by their individual set of ideas, and not by a collective ideology. So neither can benefit from the misuse of this brand, nor can be punished under it.

Reader:  Good argument. I think everyone will understand it.
Me: No, I don’t think so.

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