Why Should I Vote?

Why do I have to vote? Just because I have the right to do it? Then why am I not allowed to speak my mind when I have the freedom of speech too?

You ask me to vote! You ask me to choose! You give me fake promises! But I ask you whom do I vote for? For a candidate with 100 criminal cases or for a candidate with 50 criminal cases against him?

Whom do I vote for? For a person who I neither believe in his capabilities nor his work! For a person who has no experience in leadership other than dividing our people! You ask me to speak, and you will listen to all my problems then when I do speak and raise my voice for the truth why do you shut me up! Why am I not allowed to live freely in my own land?

You ask me to vote for a person who has no vision for this country or its people. Yes, he does have a vision for himself and his family though! You demand respect just because you have a seat. No, sir, respect has to be earned. It is one of the very few things left in this world that cannot be bought.

In every field, people study or develop skills through experience, and then make a living for themselves. I ask you what does one have to do to become a politician? Become a retired cricketer or a movie star? Is it a part-time job?

You tell me India is the largest democracy in the world! I ask is it really? Is this democracy? Democracy is a government by the people, for the people and of the people! About 50%-60% people come and vote or are made to vote forcibly (you never know), and then you anoint yourself as the winner? Did the people choose you or was it because they didn’t have any better option? Or is it because many other people like me have no hopes or faith in this system or in this country that we love dearly?

People have a very short memory, and you sure do know how to exploit that beautifully. Yes, you secured your five years of free travel, free living, free food, etc.! You can finally live off our money peacefully for the next five years until you remember me and come to ask me to vote for you again!

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