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Why the Delhi..??

Posted by Ritesh Jaiswal
December 29, 2017

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Today, almost everyone knows very well that The Delhi is the most polluted City of India. Everyone says that we cannot breathe properly in Delhi. The Air seems to be the House of Smoke etc…etc… But can anyone say that what’s the reason for the same..??

Most of us will say that its one of  the Metro City of our Country and also the “CAPITAL”. It has Industries, Big Corporates, Factories and Many more resulting in the Employment Capital of the Nation.

But have you ever thought Why only Delhi…I mean Why Only Delhi has the Right, Need of Becoming the Capital of India and regarded itself as the Developed City.

All the Cities(Region) has got the Right of becoming equally developed with the Nation’s Development.

Many Regions of the Nation are still 30-40 years back as compared to Today’s Delhi.

If anyone caring for Delhi, then it is the need of time to stop Delhi where it is today for another 30 years and Take the other Under-developed Regions to the Level of Development that Delhi has today. But it is also a Time for Government and Developers of the Nation to learn from the Mistake that they Made in developing Delhi.

Is it the Need of Change of ” CAPITAL”. ??


Is it a Need of Change in “CAPITAL”.??

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