From Bullock Carts To Aeroplanes: Travel Has Revolutionised, But The Services Haven’t

There will be a day when we finally tap into the unbelievable network of using rockets as a means of transportation, but it’s probably not coming anytime soon. These will go through the roof or go sky-high to avoid wastage of precious time. Though rocket science is often referred to informally in our conversation, we need to ensure that we use this science and implement it into our transport system.

Not only will we save time, but passengers will also experience travel in a revolutionary way. With this probable alteration in the transport, there will obviously (and hopefully) be a dramatic change in the excuses the authorities can make in the face of delays.

When as many as 270 passengers of the Air India Mumbai-Ahmadabad flight created recently a ruckus at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport following the delayed flight of close to seven hours, the idea of travelling by rockets really appealed to me. The delay was due to the non-availability of a pilot for the aircraft. The flight departure was due at 1.35 a.m. but it could only take off at 08.20 a.m. on Saturday morning.

What a time has come! Nothing seems to be in line with the concept of a ‘planned transportation system’. Since technological advancement has reached a very higher level, the travel system still seems unarranged and chaotic. What is troubling is that no-one seems to care.

Various modes of the quick transportation continue to be revolutionised with modern techniques. Over the years, the cost of travel has increased, but the services available seem to be going downhill. This makes me wonder about the redressal system and how the passengers bear the biggest brunt of this over a period of time.

The common passengers find the usual bus service inefficient, the rail service delayed and now the air service hopeless too. Faster means of moving, carrying, flying and shipping are not running on its efficient functional form. So are they really worth it?

It was also cleared that the flight was delayed owing to flight duty time limitation issue and crew constraints. In accordance with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation norms, the pilots and cabin crew are barred from flights after flying beyond notified flying hours.

We seem to have not progressed much from bullock cart age particularly in relation to the time. The two bullocks-driven wheeled cart used to cover its distance by its own time slowly and steadily. More or less the similar situation prevails even when we have much-advanced transportation.

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