Women’s liberation or human liberation?

Posted by Akanksha Dhingra
December 14, 2017

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In contemporary times, among the most debated topics is that of feminism, women empowerment, women’s liberation and the like. When we talk of these, what exactly?

Writing articles on how it is perfectly fine to bare one’s skin, abuse, smoke and do every possible thing which, by societal standards, are considered “masculine” acts – are these what modern feminism is all about?

Equal rights as men, and entry in temples during menstruation, is that all we argue about on the issues of women’s liberation? Is that the only freedom we wish for?

We the people who speak out for all this on our social media, what do we actually do? Beside the numerous ads broadcasted on media, we still do not utter a single word when those sanitary pads are being wrapped in those black poly bags and are then handed over to us. Extortion of dowry still being practiced, with just a changed name i.e. ‘milni’ and still no protests? Loosing our own identities under the tag of ‘love’, and still no arguments? Shouldn’t we, the women, ask ourselves about what basically our ideas are? What do we mean when we talk about women’s liberation? Asking your own self, provides with the best answers.

Using abusive language, smoking cigarettes and walking on the path of men. Since when liberation started meaning that women become like men? Have we ever asked or talked about the main problem? Without being offensive and throwing the reality on many faces, I say that not all but many of us believe in the idea that if we act like men, we become stronger.

Let’s take a step forward, let’s broaden our mindset and before anything, let’s think as a humans. Any demand, any decision and any confusion caused while choosing the path – we  ought to take a decision as a human. Know if it’s the right thing for an ‘insaan’, not only a woman.

It would not take a lot of time when the idea of women’s liberation will be transformed by the dominant narratives into a sex discriminatory position if we keep our mouth shut on the worthy matters.

Name it human liberation, in addition to women’s. We have a right to wear anything, eat anything and do what we wish to, because we are humans, not only women. An understanding that no human being on the planet held more value than any other human being – regardless of gender or caste, regardless of race or creed. That in addition to raising demands and working towards the fulfiment of our own interest as women, we have to create a world that would be better for everybody, that would allow for true equality. THIS IS WHAT ACTAUL ‘LIBERATION’ WOULD SEEM LIKE.  


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