Worsening of traffic condition in ranchi.

Posted by Pankaj Mahato
December 4, 2017

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For the past 3 weeks in ranchi a heavy traffic jams can be observed in every important roads of city like harmu road,ratu road,main road,station road

Cars ,buses,two wheelers are crawling in the road all the day .School childrens,office workers,government workers each one of us are getting late in our daily jobs.The usual time to reach any office in ranchi is about 20-25 mins but this creeping traffic has increased this time to hours.Capacity of road is exploited by burden of heavy traffics causing congestion every time.

As the situation goes extreme the chief minister himself have to take charge of the field.

Major chunks of road which where having crossroads are being blocked and cemented with concreate so that they can’t be used anymore .The wrath of local people is on high n sometime leads to conflict between localites and police personnels.The major reasons of traffic conjestion are attributed to hurriness of drivers which leads to jumping of lanes and creation of obstackles,we also seems to be possesed by primal urge to get ahead of others,irritation of drivers from traffics jams may result in road rage which further intensify the congestion,roads have the enough capacity but they are made narrow by steeet vendors,shopkeepers,illegal parkings. whenever a vip arrives in the city usually cabinet minister results into streets vendors are thrown away and many public roads get blocked ,many two ways traffic get transformed to one way resulting problems are faced by only common people why not goverment act to cure this problem forever



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