10 things to carry on every international flight

Posted by Racheal Jones
January 11, 2018

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The long hours spent on an international flight are a reality check of one’s patience and tolerance. From tiredness and fatigue to insomnia and nausea, the things that you might feel while staying on-board for more than half a day are endless. And therefore to tackle these problems and make the flight journey more convenient, it makes sense to pack some essentials for a long haul international flight.

We, at Musafir have shortened the following list of must carry essentials for an international flight so that your luggage is minimum and the comfort level is maximum.

#1 Warm clothing

The temperature inside the cabin might freeze your nerves; therefore to stand the test of the long flight hours, pack some warm clothes like a muffler, a scarf, a warm blanket, a pair of hand gloves and a hoodie for additional warmth.

 #2 Food for the journey

Obviously you’ll be provided with food on the flight, but what if you don’t like what is served to you? Carry dry nuts, dates, almonds, cashews, some dark chocolate and biscuits for the flight for back-up. You wouldn’t want to torture your already sick body by staying hungry.

#3 Items for personal entertainment

You’re warm and nicely fed, now it’s time for some entertainment. Pack a good, light-read novel for the journey or maybe an iPod to listen to music or a kindle to read on. You could even consider working on the laptop if travelling for business purposes.

#4 A small beauty kit

The low temperature will chap and dry your lips up, therefore it becomes essential to moisturize your lips and skin at regular intervals. Pack a small bottle of moisturizer, lip balm, mascara, a lip stick, an eye liner and some foundation to give yourself a touch-up as and when needed.

#5 An empty bottle

It is very vital to keep yourself hydrated on the flight, but at the same time not to disturb the cabin crew time and again to get you some wine, juice or water. Hence carry an empty bottle so that you can fill it yourself with water and sip from it when the need arises.

#6 Personal hygiene kit

Some of your flights might be connecting ones; this means that you’ll have some spare time to freshen up at the airport. Make sure you carry a toothbrush, some toothpaste, a face wash and some tissues to get energized once again and prepared for the next flight.

#7 Medicines and drugs

If you’re on medication, packing the medicines and drugs should be your first priority as there might not be doctors on-board all the time. Apart from your regular dosage, include cloves and other herbs to tackle the attacks of nausea you might encounter on the flight.

#8 An eye-mask and earplugs

The lights in the flight and the constant chatter of the fellow passengers will be hindrances for you to get some good sleep. Hence be prepared to tackle these like an expert by packing an eye-mask and earplugs. Let the light and noise not bother you!

#9 A comfortable travel pillow

The cushions provided to you on the flight might not be as soft or hard as you expected. Therefore pack the one that suits you the best. This might occupy some room in your handbag, but trust us, it will definitely pay off the effort.

#10 A portable charger

The charging points on the flight are limited and have to be shared by all the passengers on-board. Hence carry a portable charger, i.e., a power bank so that even if your phone or laptop dries out of battery, you have a back-up in hand.

The next time you make your flight ticket booking, ensure that you pack ALL the above listed essentials because this’ll truly help you stay calm and relaxed even at a high altitude. Have a safe, comfortable journey



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