11 Things 2017 Taught Me About Life!

Posted by Prerika Gupta in Society
January 2, 2018

1. Be open to love. Open both your arms and embrace it. Give it back to the people without even thinking. The more you give, the more you’ll receive.

2. Take risks. Make mistakes. Live your life the way you want. Grab the job of your dreams. Leave a job if it doesn’t make you happy. Jump from the sky, dive underwater. Leave your home to explore the world. Or come back home if you are too tired of the world outside. Face your fears, do every bit of craziness that’s in your mind and heart.

3. Life won’t be a cakewalk. At times, it will be worse than you thought. There will be nights when you’ll spend every minute crying and wondering why all the shit happens to you only. And there will be days when getting up will be the toughest task for you and sunlight wouldn’t feel like a blessing anymore. I know such days suck but life is like that. So, on such days, be your own support. Fight.

4. People will leave. People are selfish and so are you. You are no less. Accept the fact that you too have hurt people and left them midway. So, never forget all the good things that they did for you. Close your eyes and remember all the good about them. You will be shocked to discover there actually exists countless lovely moments. Forgive them for all the wrong that they have done to you. Don’t carry those bad memories, it will do nothing but overburden you.

5. Good days do come back. Maybe, not in Modi’s world but in your world, they sure do. There always exist good things behind the curtains, all you need is the courage to pull it off. So, please, from next time celebrate even the smallest victory. Your birthday. Your first job. Your first pay cheque. Your second love. Your friend’s birthday. Life is a melange of small things and it needs to be celebrated.

6. Get up early in the morning. Go out and embrace the sun rays and let your body shimmer.

7. Live nicely. Don’t just own a house, make it a home. Home of your dreams. Decorate the walls with your favorite quotes. Plant trees and feed them water daily. Build your mini library. Explore every bit of your creativity in your mini palace and most importantly, fill it with positive vibes.

8. Travel. I am not just saying it because it’s a cool thing to do. It really opens your mind, widens your thinking. So, write down your must-go-to destinations, save money and tick them off one by one. Fill your bag, not with things but memories.

9. Recognise your parent’s efforts. Call them. Tell them how much they mean to you. They need you, believe me, they face so many things and you are not aware of the most of them. So, take out some time from your daily schedule. Surprise them not with gifts but your presence.

10. Be honest towards your work. Your work is the only thing that defines you. Make sure you don’t let your work down.

11. Strive to become a better person with each passing day. Remember, if you are devastated and sad, so are other people. Be kind to them.