3 Reasons why people should get over padmaavat and move ahead

Posted by Vedant Vaghela
January 28, 2018

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A nation is meant to progress and not be or make controversies.

Padmaavat is something that has been on everybody’s lips for at least 3 months. Sanjay Leela Bhansali has been under immense pressure for around 3-4 months. Karni Sena was continuously protesting since its release date.

Now after the release of Padmaavat and a special screening for Karni Sena before its release, people are not getting over it and now protesting Karni Sena for their protests.

This is why our country is not able to develop properly (no offense). Why are we controversing on a film? I understand that if Padmavati (now Padmaavat) had something that conflicted with Rajput culture and history, it is completely an insult to them. But why protest without even viewing a part of it? For what do we have CBFC? And the biggest question, why are other people ( leaving CBFC, Karni Sena, Rajputs, Padmaavat team and some people whose culture is getting hurt) so interested in it and wasting their precious time, which they can dedicate to the nation?

Enough is Enough People! Here are 3 reasons on Why You Should Get Over Padmaavat Controversy and Move Ahead.

  1. India Is Now A Recognised Country On Global Scale- Care about India. Our Prime Minister is trying so hard to get on to the pinnacle of success and development, and controversy will spill water on his all efforts. Being a responsible citizen of India, Help our Prime Minister and not make this worse.
  2. Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover- Go and view the movie by yourself and then make an opinion and move on.
  3. It Should Be Nationalism and not “Controversialism”- India needs a great a spirit of nationalism to be successful and developed. Controversialism only makes it worse.

Hope you understand and help India excel!

Thank You.

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