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4 Best Money-Making Skills You Need to Have (Regardless of Your Career)

Posted by Audrey Robinson
January 24, 2018

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Making money isn’t easy. There are times when we struggle, and times when it feels like we won’t get through the week. That’s a reality of life for almost everyone. If you are still feeling like everything will always be fine, it’s imperative to learn these key money-making skills – whether you are an investment banker, part-time barista, or anything in between.

1. The ability to sell

At some point in your life, you will need to sell something. Your success may depend on how well you sell that thing, and your income may increase or decrease based on the results.

You might need to literally sell things for your job: convince customers to buy cars or appliances to win a bonus. But you might need to sell something else – yourself.

Whenever you apply for a job, you need to convince the hiring manager to choose you over all of the other candidates. If you can sell yourself well, you may find yourself in a well-paid position. If you don’t, you could be languishing on the job market without any hope. Learn to sell, and you’ll go far.

2. Creativity

This may seem like a broad skill base to have, and one that doesn’t apply to everyone. The truth is, creativity is one of the most important skills you need if you want to survive through the hard times. Take an example like the recession of the last decade. When a business is hit hard, it needs to adapt and evolve – or die.

You can also use creativity to find new ways of earning money, or saving it. When you get creative, you can save money on food by making meals go further, or find a way to get to work which costs less. You can figure out a side gig that will earn you a little money to take home, find a great alternative career, or find a way to make your current work earn you more.

Being creative is all about survival. With creativity on hand, you can get through anything.

3. Knowledge of investing

Getting the knack of investing isn’t easy for everyone. But you don’t have to play the stock exchange to know how it works.

It can be something as simple as being paid for a job in a foreign currency, and then waiting until the exchange rate is right before you change it back. It could be buying cryptocurrency when the market is good.

It might entail something on a larger scale that can make you a real living. For example, you can find cheap real estate properties on websites like Gumtree, buy them, improve them a little, and sell them for a big profit. That’s investment, even though it doesn’t sound like it at first.

4. Making a budget

Making money is also about managing it. How much money do you have coming in per month? How much are you spending? Where could you spend less? Where can you invest more?

Having a budget puts you in control of your finances, and helps you to spot opportunities. When you use your creativity and investment skills to find a great chance to make money, your budget will help you see whether it is possible.

These skills are the essential ones that form the foundation of real money making. If you have them yourself, you can land on your feet no matter what happens. You can live on ramen and little sleep to work your way through a tight situation. You can bring in passive income and get the right job when it comes up. You can make enough money to have the life you have dreamed of.

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