4 SC Judges do Press Conference against CJI: Resist Fascism

Posted by Krishna Singh
January 12, 2018

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Bolt from the blue! Salute the brave men for having brought the struggle in open to save “democracy”, in whatever limited form it was 4 years back!
Rise, Unite, Struggle and Defeat Fascism, which has penetrated deep into all the pillars of the erstwhile “democracy” and all the departments of the government, at all levels!
Also in education institutions, media and a section of society by bribing them with Billions of money, greed & fear, retrogressive ideologies, based on religion, caste, national chauvinism.
Goons and criminal parasites are ruling us. Science, logic and democratic values is thrown to dustbins!
If you are with the fascists, rethink the reason of your very existence! If you are neutral, wake up, be part of the great people’s movement to counter fascism, which is another form of capitalism, but the most rotten and bloody form, which also is a social movement, an anti people and reactionary movement!
Rise against present economic, political, social, spiritual order, which has allowed fascism to grow and attack on our very existence, loot our meagre savings, kill the employments, divide us and if we resist, kill us.
And all this to please few big capitalists, financiers, their henchmen and foreign masters?

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