5 habits that can improve Our life

Posted by niki ski
January 22, 2018

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Check out the top 5 habits that can improve our life if you commit to them daily…

  1. Wake up at the same time (every morning) : Join the 4.30 am club. A wise man said : If you wake up before the sun you own the day.
  2. Journal every day : Spend 15-20 minutes mapping out your day, writing a short gratitude list (something you learned, someone you talked with) and list out your top 3 worries.
  3. Break a sweat every day :  Walk, ride or swim. The main goal is to move for more than 20 minutes. It will make you feel good and clear your head.
  4. Read every day :  Carry a book with you. If you have 5 minutes, take it out. Fiction and non-fiction stimulate your creative juices and make you a better writer.
  5. Practice mindfulness (every day) : Take 10-15 deep breaths before any major task. Slow yourself down. You’ll be less reactive and more present. You’ll also make better decisions.

You don’t need to develop all the 5 practices given above, but I would encourage you to pick at least one habit and stick with it for a while. Real behavior change takes 66 days, according to research from a study conducted at the University of London.

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