5 things to consider before booking a flight

Posted by Racheal Jones
January 8, 2018

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With the airline mergers and acquisitions, the all time high prices of gas and diesel and the increase in connectivity routes, flight tickets have become much more expensive as compared to the past. To survive and make profits in this ever growing competitive industry, airlines levy hefty charges on almost everything, right from your heavy check-in bags to using the loo on the flight! And what’s the result of this? You end up paying a lot more than what you actually should be paying!

We at Musafir know the value you attach to your holiday. Apart from it being a break from the normal routine life, we understand the significance of a comfortable business trip or a memorable family vacation. Hence giving you the best value for your money is what we strive to achieve.

Being wise and taking some expert advice helps tremendously in saving your precious money. Therefore we bring to you five hacks that’ll help you save considerable amount of money on your Musafir flight booking. Read on to know more…

Hack 1: Decide your travel dates in advance

For all the latecomers and procrastinators out there, take this as an alarm bell. Wake up to the reality that booking your tickets six weeks prior to the flying date actually helps to cut down your airfare cost. Pre-book your tickets and choose a comfortable airline that suits your budget. This will relax the pressure of last minute booking and ensure that you can fly with maximum comfort.

Hack 2: Search for flights on incognito window

The cookies on your computer store your search history so that the websites know what you are looking for. This creates the illusion of a packed flight when it is actually empty! And since you haven’t had the time to do some research, you might hurriedly book those expensive tickets only to have dug your own grave! Make sure you do all the searching in an incognito window to avoid the cookie mishap.

Hack 3: Be loyal customers and make friends with the airline

Unless your company pays for the airfare, the frequent trips by flight are a strain on your wallet. When you become a frequent flier, you are sometimes given free upgrades to a business class and also complimentary food and drinks. You may also be allowed to carry more luggage in your check-in bag without any extra cost. You see, friendship always pays off, both personally and professionally.

Hack 4: Make your booking on the right day of the week

Weekends are usually the most popular days tourists choose to fly, and therefore booking your air tickets on these days might not be a good choice. Statistics have proven that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best bets to confirm your flight booking because these are working days and if people do fly on these days, it is mainly for business purposes and not for leisure. Why not benefit from this golden opportunity?

Hack 5: Carry minimum luggage and maximum food

This doesn’t mean that you literally should carry the fridge over your shoulder! Snacks at airports are really expensive and do not make healthy options. Pack some granola bars, dark chocolate, nuts, fruits and dates to munch on the journey and simultaneously save money. Carry only the essential items in your check-in bags because every kilogram of extra load might attract you tons of extra charge.

So are you ready to fly smart and make wise decisions while booking your flight ticket? Hope to see you soon! Happy journey to you!

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