5 Things to Keep in Mind before Buying High-Quality Endoscopy Kits

Posted by John Twin
January 9, 2018

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Endoscopy is a medical procedure used by a gastroenterologist to examine the digestive tract of a patient by use of an endoscope, a flexible tube attached to a light and a camera for a better view on a screen.  It’s a nonsurgical procedure that takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

The procedure allows the doctor to examine and carry out a diagnosis of the affected areas. A camera attached to the endoscope, allows the doctor to view the internal organs and determine if they are infected or damaged.

The doctor may need to carry out an endoscopic biopsy if they suspect infection, a procedure that involves the use of forceps attached to an endoscope to extract small pieces of tissue to be used as samples for testing.

A basic endoscopy kit consists of endoscopy bedside pre-cleaning kit, endoscope isolation tote, gauze sponges, tubular enzymatic cleaning sponge, enzyme detergent, cleaning brush, sanction tube, sterile lube jelly, face masks and many accessories that may differ with different kits.

Before purchasing an endoscopy kit, it’s important to put the following factors into consideration.

  1. Cost of the Kit

Before you settle for a specific endoscopy kit, you should research on the cost of the available kits. Find out those that meet your needs and compare the price differences. Compile a list of several reputed companies that deal with the kits and settle for an offer that best suits your budget and needs while at the time not compromising on the quality.

  1. Easy To Find Accessories

When purchasing an endoscopy kit, it’s important to make sure that the accessories are readily available and can be replaced when the need arises. For instance cables, associated screen, and cameras.

Make sure the accessories are readily available by getting details about the company responsible for the manufacture of the equipment.

  1. Up-to-Date Equipment

It’s prudent to carry out research and find out if the equipment and the accessory kit are up to date with the latest improved technology to avoid purchasing an old and outdated kit that you might have difficulties replacing faulty accessories in the future.

  1. Reputable Companies and Their Service

It is advisable to buy endoscope kits from reputable companies since they are very delicate and carry out a precision procedure. Research on various companies dealing with endoscopy kits and read the reviews to know which ones have the best offers and follow the required legal process of manufacturing and packaging the endoscopy kits.

Also, find out if the company offers extra services such installation and training on the use of the equipment and its accessories after purchase.

  1. Warranty

It’s crucial to know if the equipment and the endoscopy kit have a warranty or if the manufacturer is available for follow-up especially if the equipment develops faults or complications while in use.  Research the manufacturing company to find out the after sale agreements and the time frame of the warranty if available.

If you are looking to buy an endoscopy kit for your medical facility, the first step should be researching the available options. Make sure that the kit has up to date equipment and accessories. The bedside pre-cleaning kits should contain the necessary contents for efficient cleaning and maintenance. Look out for reviews on reputable companies and the cost implications keeping in mind the quality of the endoscopy kit.

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