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5 things you wish you knew before fire emergency evacuation

Posted by Alisa Ewert
January 11, 2018

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Forest fires are not the only kinds of flames to fear. We, as humans can sometimes be careless and the slightest mistake can lead to a fire outbreak at any point in time. Whether you blow out the birthday candles in the wrong direction or get sprayed with party snow during blowing candles; both decisions can result in house fires.

House fires are extremely common in Australia and most of the house fires start from the kitchen or unattended fireplaces. That is why fire safety blanket testing is important. The truth is, nobody perceives themselves or their family members going through a catastrophic event and hence nobody plans accordingly. However, it is crucial to be precautious than sorry later and therefore it is imperative you think about the following tips just to stay safe for all future events.

Everyone who has survived a house or an office fire has stated that if they knew the emergency evacuation drill, they would have acted differently. If you want to think differently and feel prepared for the worst possible situations, here are a few pointers for you.

Knowing the Risks

Everyone wishes they knew the number of risks a fire could bring until after they have undergone the situation. Doing a rink analysis beforehand is ideal. Know what you can lose in a fire. Know what will be important at that point and what you will be willing to forego. You can prioritize the list accordingly.

Know your neighborhood and think about potential threats. Burglary, fire outbreaks, storms, etc are a few examples.

Keeping Fire Safety Equipment Up to Date

Fire safety equipment is your only best friend during fires. Whether you are in the office or in your home, fire safety equipment helps during fires like no other item. Therefore, it is crucial to keep all the safety equipment handy, checked and up to date.

Calling a professional to inspect your fire safety equipment routinely is the way to go about this one. What good will be a fire extinguisher if its nozzle is broken during a fire crisis? The professional will check your fire extinguishers thoroughly, check its pressure, damage to the outer body, its nozzles and place fire extinguisher service tags later.

These professionals will also conduct fire safety blanket testing, your office fire hose reel testing, etc.

Knowing the Emergency Numbers

You cannot locate and operate your phone during an emergency situation when everyone in the office is panicking or when the whole household is depending on you!
Therefore, it is best you know and memorize all emergency numbers. Every second count during an emergency and dialing the correct digits will surely pay off!

Having Regular Evacuation Drills

It is hard to teach young kids about fire breakouts and it risks. However, it is never too late to teach them about it, its causes, the problems it can bring and how to react when it happens.

Similarly, workplaces who conduct emergency fire evacuation drills are far safer than offices where zero fire drills are conducted. Hence, it is ideal to go through an evacuation drill at home and at the office to stay prepared for the worst.

Personal Belongings Matter

Personal belongings are the last things to cross your mind during an emergency. Nevertheless, things dear to people are one of the first aspects they miss after the situation is under control.

That is why take a note of all your important or valuable belongings and remember them when a fire breaks out. Your precious jewelry, laptop, documents, and watches are a few common important personal belongings you might want to consider about.

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