6 Things to Know about Facelift Surgery

Posted by Alan Potts
January 15, 2018

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One of the most controversial cosmetic procedures is a facelift. This procedure may sound quite overwhelming as it involves your face undergoing intense surgery. The recovery time after a Facelift is at least two weeks, which will involve your face being wrapped in bandages and not easily hidden. But, if you’re not happy with the appearance of your aged skin, this will all be worth it once you have recovered from your surgery. It is truly a life-changing procedure which can have an incredible effect on your self-confidence. These are the 6 things you need to know about facelift surgery before you go under the knife:

  • Selecting the right surgeon

A qualified Plastic Reconstructive surgeon who specialises in Facial surgery is the right surgeon for the job. In the last ten years, facelift techniques have seen a major improvement, you should choose a surgeon who possesses these modern techniques and with good technical abilities. Cosmetic surgeons do not possess the advanced surgical techniques required and are not recommended for this type of intense surgery. Ensure you research your Plastic Surgeon as well as the qualifications they hold. You can always contact an agency like Cosmeditour, who are industry experts and can assist with surgeon selection.

  • The ideal age of facelift

You don’t have to be old to think about getting a facelift. The ideal age for this surgery is from the mid to late forties. At this age, women and men are socially active, are in good shape and have careers. If you decide to undergo facelift surgery right now, it will be about maintenance and ensure you maintain good health.

  • You must take care of yourself

Do not assume that a facelift is a quick fix to all your ageing issues, you still need to maintain your results by following a proper diet, protecting yourself from the sun, exercising and keeping your body weight stable. Before you undergo facelift surgery, it is recommended that you lose any excess weight you have and get in the best shape possible. You should also quit smoking because it is unhealthy for your skin and will only delay healing.

  • A facelift is an improvement not a transformation

A Face Lift cannot stop the ageing process. Do not expect to have every single one of your wrinkles disappear. You can expect an overall soft and refreshed appearance, however, deeper creases and wrinkles may still be there, but they will be less visible and it will be an overall improvement. Ensure you are realistic about your results and understand this before your surgery to avoid disappointment.

  • There are different types of facelifts

The face is divided into parts with 4 main areas of attention which consist of the upper (forehead), mid (eyes), lower (mouth & jaw) and neck. Generally, you will either need all or just some of these areas fixed. Your Plastic Surgeon will be able to determine which areas of the face will be required to have surgery and discuss your options with you.

  • You are still who you were

You need to keep your expectations in check when it comes to facelift surgery. The procedure is not going to change you at all. It just takes you back to your old self physically, but you are still the same person and you shouldn’t expect more of it, except a little boost in confidence.

You should be aware of all these facts and undergo further research before you decide to undergo facelift surgery.

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