January 28, 2018

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Some of you may get confused, first with this no. and then with a cut mark on the word which is a reason of pride for every individual of this country. But, as soon as the curtains get removed from this alien number, many of you will get the half story of this number as well as this article.

Actually 790 is addition of 545 and 245 members of lower house and upper house respectively. And, I was not getting a perfect adjective to define these Indians. Every adjective I got in my mind seems as if they were begging to me, “Please don’t use me with them, I beg you”. So, at the end I used their identity and then snatched it from them.

Even words find themselves in an asphyxia condition if used with them. The words feel ashamed but these Indians. Are they completely out of their mind? If I ever get a chance to ask them a few questions, I would like to ask them that on what basis does a government decides to build up any statue or any other artistic venue? On what grounds do they fix up a budget to be expended on that particular project? And who are the decision makers and what are their qualifications?

On what basis did they pass a project of making a statue of a person “who died dreaming of INDIA as a developed NATION” on a budget of ₹2,989 crore, and a ₹ 3,600 crore-grand Memorial for Sivaji Maharaj off the Mumbai city coast. It sums up to a total of approx.6600 crore of Indian rupees. Shouldn’t this money be utilized in betterment of those fields; which if bettered, can develop many of such artistic venues, but now is not the correct time. Many such wasteful venues are under construction whose budgets could have been used in improving the agricultural conditions of the nation, building up more and more schools & colleges with highly qualified teachers & professors, bettering the medical facilities; such amount could have better many poor conditions of this nation.

But these Indians never think of a second before making such insane decision. I would like to ask them, was it a wish of those undying martyrs to get a statue of such amount in a condition when India of their dreams is nowhere near to what they actually dreamt of. Is making such statue, a correct tribute to those brave sons of this Nation.

My Answer is NO.

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