The most beautiful parts of life are not huge but a small hug from your mother, a morning kiss from your wife, the innocent love and care of your sister, or a cute smile of your girlfriend. What if all this is suddenly snatched from you or from them as well!

Everyone of you have heard about The Delhi gang rape which had sparked awareness and huge protests round the country but what was the result? My question is did we protest to bring an end to the criminals or the crime?

Let me tell you a story and I would request everyone to get involved in it completely and just imagine the scenario

In the village of Kamduni, 20 km from Kolkata lived a young girl by the name Shipra Gosh. She was a brilliant child and one among 3 sibling to the father who was a Mason earning ₹150 every day and mother who sold muri and chhatu. She had to struggle to get education and was one among the 1st to step out of the village for higher education. She was happy as everything was perfect. The 20-year-old Shipra on 07-June-2013 was returning from her 2nd year BA class when she was suddenly abducted by a gang, she was dragged into a deserted factory and then brutally raped by 8 men, those 8 demons in the influence of alcohol raped her whole night turn by turn. The horror doesn’t stop here later the perpetrators tore apart her leg up to the naval when she was alive and then they slit her throat which ended her life. Those demons threw her body in the fields.

This story made a shiver run down my spine, It left me dumbstruck and took a long time to recover

The only mistake of the girl was that she attended college? And this happened just after 6 months of The Delhi gang rape. Do you still think we protest for end of the crime or end of criminals?

It’s not just rape, on the daily basics almost every girl in the country is molested or Eve teased and their freedom is snatched. There are several crimes which are just an example of inhumanity and extreme barbarity

 A rod was used during the rape which tore the insides if the victim.

– Times of India, The Delhi gang rape

Don’t stare at me, I am human too

– acid attack survivor, Lakshmi Agarwal

I started to write this blog before a week and the research for the blog changed me as a person, I realized that there are many young girls who have the potential to achieve the unthinkable, change the society and reach great accomplishments and the only thing that holds them back are the shackles.

Shackled by society, confined by family, and arrested by fears lies a diamond waiting to shine.


These shackles not only keep her from achieving but also living her life in the way she want. Every time there are protests, candle marches and rallies but only the offender gets punished but the crime remains only for the next offender to do  it.

I met some of these brave women as part of research for this blog, we spoke for many hours only for me to question humanity every time and feel ashamed every time. I could feel their voice echo in my head until today and wonder how they survived but then I realized  that only women have the power to overcome such a horror and if that happened to me, I couldn’t.

I urge every reader to importance of eradicating the very seed of the crime and that would lead to a perfect society.

This blog is dedicated to every single female in the society. Through this blog I would like to request to all the people of the world, just say thank you to your mother for that hug, to your wife for that morning kiss, to your sister for all the care, and to your girlfriend for that cute smile.