A letter from a feminist

Posted by Kritti Bhalla
January 28, 2018

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Dear fellow earthlings,
Please don’t refer to yourself as feminists, if speaking up against the issues faced by women does not seem like women empowerment to you. Since the beginning of time, women have been taught to keep quiet. Whether it is about their menstrual cycle, or that random person who ogles at them while passing by, or just be docile and gentle like “women are supposed to be”.                          

You might not have been approached by sleazy men on social media, or misunderstood for being friends with the men in the class, or been referred to as a “slut” for being vocal about sex. These are just very few scenarios. Selective hearing and reading doesn’t make these problems disappear.

Providing weapons to women loses a significant amount of its value, if most of them don’t feel safe in the environment they have been living in. Maybe, you need to face what each and every women faces everyday for being who she wants to be, for wearing what she wants to wear, for speaking her mind.

It is so disheartening to see so many people I am acquainted with sharing such a stupid post and then referring to themselves as “Feminists”. No, Sir/Ma’am, You’re simply ignorant.

Each of theses ladies you think are “shit” in the name of women empowerment have been slammed with trolls and rape threats all over the internet for speaking out what they had on their mind and the problems they faced. What makes us so confident in women empowerment by seeing them fight potential threats from outside, when the real threats to women are growing in every street and corner of our country?            

You talk of “Women empowerment”, when you are one of the reasons to why we need feminism.

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