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A Letter To The One Who Left

Posted by Nikhil Kamath in Society
January 30, 2018

Dear friend,

It’s been a while since we met. There was a time when we used to be inseparable. We would be constantly texting each other, tagging each other on Facebook and what not. Now things seem to be a little different. You can’t stand to be in the same WhatsApp group with us, and we hardly talk anymore. It seems like you have developed some sort of superiority complex. You think that you’re the only one working your ass off, making money and making something out of yourself. Guess what? We are all in the same boat together.

All of us are working as hard as you are, trying to make something of ourselves. We are all working sometimes even 18 hours in a day for our own future. All of us have packed schedules and after an entire week of working our asses off, I understand that it’s hard to socialise considering the fact that we all need time to unwind.  But you know what’s sad? Whenever we chose to meet up even after weeks and months, your superiority complex never let you join us. You just always wanted to show that you’re this busy-bee and we’re all a bunch of lazy people.

You know you’re not the only person in this world with a shitload of responsibilities because you’re older now. All of us are older now and we all have a bunch of responsibilities. Some of us have even more responsibilities than you. It doesn’t matter if you like all our social media posts or you’re still following us. What matters is that you look down upon us now and all because of your superiority complex. This has made you nothing but a stranger to us. You are not the person you used to be anymore. You are trying to be someone you’re not.

I hope you know that we all still love you. We always have and always will. But what hurts us is that even after all this, your superiority complex came in between our friendship.

Yours lovingly,
Your old best friend