An Open Letter: To A Rajput From A Rajput Who Isn’t Against ‘Padmaavat’

Posted by Manvi Singh in Culture-Vulture, Politics, Staff Picks
January 26, 2018

To all those who’ll detest me after I write this,

In short, to all my brothers from the Rajput community,

I’m not afraid!

It’s tiring to read every second post about Karni Sena, and the issue around ‘Padmaavat’. I feel as if our country has nothing else to do than work on such non-sensical issues which aren’t even really relevant. You people are going on and on like a flock of sheep that really doesn’t make sense, I’d term it as the herd mentality, which our country is famous for.

The people who are in support of the Karni Sena and their ruckus, who justify how they weren’t behind the stone pelting incident in Gurugram at a school bus, I repeat a school bus which wasn’t empty but had little kids and teachers, kids who weren’t even aware of what communalism really means were a victim of such an activity. I would like to ask those people, how would you have felt if anyone of those kids on the bus were yours? How would you feel if one of those teachers were your wife and a Rajput? Do you evacuate the Rajputs from the place you decide to burn?

Let’s not even talk about this one incident, let’s begin from the beginning.

The director of the film was slapped on the sets of the movie. Why? The movie wasn’t even made back then, the storyline wasn’t even out, the director didn’t even let the trailer out, then why? What can possibly justify that act of your beloved Karni Sena? I again wonder.

Next, after your tiring protests and innumerable non-sensical acts, the beloved Sena Chief was invited to the screening of the movie much before its release. He turned it down, why? Probably because he knew that after he watches the film his whole propaganda against the release, relying on the prestige of Rani Padmavati, will turn into a failure, because believe it or not, the movie has nothing against the pride and prestige of the Queen.

Spiritual leaders like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, journalists like Rajat Sharma and Arnab Goswami, such learned people found nothing wrong or against the Rajput community or the valour of Rajputanas, I wonder what prestige are we really talking about here after the destruction caused by the beloved Karni Sena and its supporters. Does the prestigious Rajput clan really wish to be linked with such people?

Hanging of people from forts, people who weren’t really linked to the issue, vandalising school premises over a performance of a song, announcing rewards in name of burning a renowned actress just because she did her job, threatening the director and what not. That’s how regressive we have become over a matter of a year, over an issue which isn’t an issue at all in the first place.

I know many of you will justify their actions under their freedom of expression and speech, but I wonder if that one fundamental law allows you to torment others, I wonder if their freedom of expression and speech has the right to interfere in the freedom of the director and also a lot more people who are behind the working of this movie. Who gave the right to a small group of people to represent an entire community, my community and our community?

Well, sadly, it’s us. The Rajputs who stand with them are on the wrong side of history, but the Rajputs who are against such an ideology and are yet silent gives them the license to represent us in this nation. I didn’t, I can’t let my ideology of secularism, democracy and socialism be vandalised by people who are destructive. Hence, I’m writing this letter to every Rajput who has bestowed power to these people by standing by them blindly, and also those who bestowed power by staying silent.

I wonder if the pride of our clan withholds such atrocities over innocent people. Lighting up vehicles, vandalising theatres and malls, stone pelting, etc. in no way shows the true colours of Kshatriyas, we’ve never been this weak and never did I believe we’d be.

We are vandalising our own image among all of this. We portray ourselves to be followers and not leaders in this world. Let the release of the movie decide the fate of the movie, there isn’t a point of fighting over something we haven’t seen with our own eyes, in fact, the people who ignited this flame haven’t in the first place, then why be blind believers of non sensical demands of the people.

And as far as the Karni Sena is concerned, they wanted recognition in the political institution of our country and they have got it. Groups like these do not hold a secular outlook to the country, they work for their own motives, and do not understand the cost of lives they pay in the name of it. Not every time the card of history can be played to gain what we have, let their pitched assumptions not be your ideology too.


A Rajput Who Isn’t Against Padmavat!