An Open letter to all Future husbands and Wives

Posted by Sruthi Sneha
January 27, 2018

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This is an open letter.

To all future husbands and wives,

To all future parents…

What is your idea of love at present? What do you expect in the concept of love after marriage?

How much time will you take to fully understand your partner, learn each others pros and cons and analyse the longevity of relationship?Days, weeks, months or years,may be.

What will you do if you understand you can’t cope up with each other for the rest of your life? You’ll go for divorce?? ——- Ha, maybe fine.What if you understand this after having a child?Again, divorce? And you’ll look for a better partner????——— Oh no! This isn’t really fine.

Divorce is trending nowadays.  And a lot of children are stuck between their divorced parents. Switching between them time to time.

I wonder why they couldn’t think about the compatibility of the relationship before tieing the bond. (Maybe because of our marriage system?)But I even more wonder why they couldn’t think about it before having a child.

It’s too pity.At an age when Children play inky-pinky-ponky to make choices, they are forced to choose between father and mother. Loads of contempt to all the parents out in the world who ruined the beautiful childhood of their children while seeking a better life for themselves. Those who are living with their own new family ‘gifting’ them with a big set of siblings and two sets of step relatives.


The above text tells it all.

So don’t steal the childhood of your children while you battle with your egos. They also are living beings. They’re meant to be loved. A mother or a father is not all they want.They want you together completing each other as a family.


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