NEET PG Scam 2018: What Is The Future For India’s Doctors If Seats Are Being Bought?

Posted by Pillai Vishnu in Education
January 12, 2018

I am a doctor. I completed my MBBS, and have just given NEET PG (MD/ms/ dnb/ diploma) exams.
There is a lot put into the preparation for such an exam. I started preparing a year ago.

Every day, we are required to slog for a minimum of 10 years for our career. We spend so much money on coaching classes and there are innumerable tests that we need to give. The feeling of being locked in a room, in which your whole world is your table and books – is not the best feeling in the world.

The government is hell bent on maintaining an artificial competition in medical enterances, so it benefits a few. Our country does need more specialists, which makes me wonder why there are limited number of seats. So we are stuck in this rat race, and the cut throat competition it has to offer.

Enough cribbing about our routine problems. I am not writing this article for that. The real reason is that soon after the exams, and in some cases even before the exams –  we’ve heard a great deal of misdoings in this time’s NEET PG exam. This was brought out by Vyapam scam whistle-blower, Dr Anand Rai. He also brought out the wrongdoings of the NEET PG exam last year as well.


Personally, I was also receiving messages from a whole lot of people, telling me that they can fix MD/MS seats even before the results could come. And in some cases, even before the tests were conducted.

This is stressful for all those students who have worked hard for the exams. We can no longer be a country where hard work doesn’t pay. We can no longer be a country where money, power and family lineage takes us ahead of deserving and hardworking students.

I know that most of you are not medical students and don’t completely understand our plight. But I’m begging you to empathise with us and spread the word. No government, central or state is even acknowledging that there is a problem. After all, we all are aware of the nexus that exists among politicians, power and money.

These are future specialists, don’t let non-deserving candidates steal seats from someone who deserves it.

These are the future specialists who will treat you. So, it is your problem too. If we want our country to truly prosper, we can’t let this injustice spread.

Help us bring this to the notice of the government. Help us, so that in the future, you get the best treatment, and not some cheat. Help us by signing online petitions. Help us, by letting people know what is happening.

This is a call of help. Don’t let our country be run by cheats. No, not anymore.