Artificial Intelligence :what it is ???

Posted by Priya Rathore
January 29, 2018

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Artificial intelligence is a stimulation of human intelligence possess by a machine. Over a period of time when machines learns to develop itself and think like human brain. It was started in 1956 by Jhon McCarthy.

Some people misunderstood this term and relate it to robotics or robots but robotics is just a part of it. Artificial intelligence is a big umbrella and it includes different topics under it like voice assistant, image recognition, machine learning etc .

In today’s world AI is every where for siri to self driving cars. Its in every sector be it healthcare, automotive, maufacturing, education etc.

But as everything has its two sides positive and negative so as AI has because of AI there is a danger to humanity. In addition to that is also a big threat to mass unemployment this are the words of many well known personalities.

In my opinion its not because as AI is advancing humans are also developing they just need to change them self a little bit. We have to come out from our comfort zone and think of new opportunities like in manufacturing facilities the work of labors is now done by the robots. Now labors have to upgrade their skills and find out a other way for their survivals. I think this will compel them to do so and ultimately this will brings a new revolution in the world.

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