As Exams Approach, Mirinda Says ‘Release The Pressure’

Posted by BetterTheWorld in Child Rights, Education, Video
January 30, 2018

With the boards around the corner, every home has transformed into a pressure zone. Nerves are frayed, tension is rising and families are at odds over studying patterns.

In a bid to bring attention to the issue of exam stress, Mirinda, the orange flavoured sparkling drink from PepsiCo, kickstarted the second edition of their award-winning ‘Release The Pressure’ campaign today. Riding on the success of their partnership last year, popular director Shoojit Sircar has joined hands with the brand and directed a digital film for the campaign, which aims to renew conversations around the issue of immense pressure faced by teenagers.

Last year, ‘Release the Pressure’ gave the country’s youth a voice and told the story of the pressure they go through during exams, because of parents. In 2018, this voice has become louder and is bringing to the forefront the issue of constant comparison by parents. The digital film sets out to be a mirror for society and is looking to bring attention to students’ distress. It features real teenagers and focuses on the issues of parental pressure, and what happens when parents constantly compare their kids to peers, neighbours and siblings.

The hard-hitting film makes one realize how situations of constant comparison can lead to lower self-esteem amongst teenagers. Watch the moving video – #ReleaseThePressure.