Instances Of Indiscipline In The BJP Is Not A Short List

Posted by shakeel ahmad in Politics
January 19, 2018

This was not the first time the BJP leaders were seen abusing each other in public and browbeating officials. But, the leaders and supporters would have surely not thought that they would see such a scuffle at the blanket-distribution programme. Even the beneficiaries wouldn’t have considered it. But, this incident happened at the Maholi Tehsil hall in Sitapur district in Uttar Pradesh.

On January 13, supporters of the BJP MP from Sitapur, Rekha Sharma, clashed with the supporters of a local MLA, Shashank Trivedi, over the distribution of blankets. They argued and threw chairs at one another, prompting the police to intervene. Did this not cause discomfort tor the party bosses?

The leaders were none other than an MP and an MLA, the elected representatives of the common people. That was why show cause notices were issued to both of them. What they were supposed to get was the people’s attention. The brawl was unique in the sense that the fighters belonged to the same party. This squabble showed some sort of differences among the party leaders with a certain amount of surety.

Were they ecstatic at what they were feeling when they were incensed? It was surely not a fight between two opposite political parties. Such a type of tiff is fairly obvious in the political arena, but a warring attitude among the same party’s workers seemed a little graceless.

Just check what had happened in the first place! The Dauraha MP and the Maholi Nagar panchayat chief were distributing the blankets. In the meantime, the Maholi MLA arrived with his supporters on the spot. He wanted to give out blankets to the needy standing outside the hall, according to reports.

Soon, the able police officers managed the chaos and both the leaders were said to have settled the issue at the time. But, the police have ordered a probe into it and the designated police officer will submit the report to the government.

Even the party’s district unit president, Ajay Gupta, made it clear that no problem persisted between the displeased leaders. However, this incident has brought a bad name to the party.

Likewise, Khiri Sadar MLA Yogesh Verma clashed with supporters of former president Shyam Pandey, over the candidates’ selection for the co-operative elections. Properties in Pandey’s office were smashed. He was also served with a show cause notice.

The list of party indiscipline is not too short, after all.


Featured image source: YouTube