After The Fire In Mumbai, Hema Malini Focuses On Overpopulation Instead Of Safety Measures

Posted by shakeel ahmad in Society
January 2, 2018

In connection with the Kamala Mills Compound fire incident two managers – Gibson Lopez, 34 and Kevin Bawa, 35 were arrested by the police. Both of them were working as managers of the pub located in Lower Parel area in Mumbai. They were present inside the pub when the leaping fire hit the roof. Instead of helping the guests in distress they tried to flee from the spot. This fire left 14 dead 21 hurt on December 29, 2017. They were booked under IPC section 304, 337 and 34.

Amidst these misfortunes happening at intervals, there seems to have been no corrective measures. Hema Malini, a BJP MP was somewhat irresponsible when it came to her reaction to the fire. She made a rather controversial statement over the Mumbai fire tragedy and connected it to the growing population in Mumbai.

She said, “Population is so much, the city is spreading like anything. Some restrictions should be done on the population. Each city should have certain population/limit, after that they should not be allowed. Then let them go to another city.”

She is an elected representative. Then how could she make such an irresponsible comment? Instead of talking about fire safety measures, she pointed at something else all together.

Nobody dreamed of this catastrophe. In fact, even the safety exits were overlooked at the time of the fire. The fire started at around 12.30 am at the terrace pub, and reached a pub called Mojo on the third-floor. There was intense suffocation owing to smoke gathered inside. But no fire safety norms were followed by the pub management. Owing to these conditions, the fire engulfed the pub, questioning the fire safety regulations.

The fire was a case of negligence and casualness on part of the authorities.