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Bold about bleeding

Posted by Pragati Pandey
January 29, 2018

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The very first step towards shattering any stereotype is talking about it.keeping those around you appropriately informed  and sensitivised,so without much ado I am talking about that cycle,riding on which very few girls like.. menstrual cycle of course.Still the channel gets changed when there’s an ad of whisper running ,still the shopkeeper takes utmost care in confining your already packed pads in a pitch dark polybag..a sort of burkha for our saviours during “those days”!! So girls why don’t you refuse to have it in a black bag rather than a transparent one,why don’t you tell your father straight that you’re lying in bed because of killing cramps and why don’t you tell your boss boldly that you have to leave the office as there’s something flowing down under.Isn’t is as natural to us as breathing,eating and sleeping is ? Isn’t it as necessary for us as all the above mentioned actions are?Only if you decide to disrespect the norms surrounding periods situations can head for change.Only when you tell the “dukan wale uncle” that it is absolutely fine to sell pads without a black bag,only when you don’t stare down or sideways when there’s Shraddha Kapoor extolling a particular brand of sanitary napkin..when you tell your brother when he asks about that mysterious packet in the almirah that mummy prohibits you from telling him about..periods can break free from unreasonable taboos.Believe me things will take a pleasant turn when all these dogmas are  bidden a goodbye . Periods will be less restrictive and free from  baseless embarrassment.I have begun taking these steps.. it’s your turn now.Good luck😄

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