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Breaking The Rich Spoiled Kid Mantra

Posted by Ketan Singh in Entrepreneurship
January 18, 2018

I know exactly how it feels to be a rich lad having all the worldly pleasures around you. Being rich is not a crime, but being super rich is sometimes a matter of great worry, as everyone believes that you will not do anything on your own, and that you will directly take over the family business as soon as you finish your education.

These were a few thoughts that actually ran through my mind a few years ago while I was on the verge of making or breaking.

The Journey

When I realized that I had to do something on my own, rather than rely on my family’s debit and credit cards, it gave me great strength and a real push to come to NCR with a pocket full of cash, along with a small dream to set up my own business.

I was in my late twenties, and the very thought of doing something big continuously ran over my mind. I wanted to deal with young people and build a business on something that they demand most, like apparels which would be quirky and have crazy prints.

The Idea Of Team Building

After deciding the destination, I had to face some hurdles and travel on my own. How to start? Where to start? What sort of assistance is required? What sort of technology to use?

All the above questions would have been left unanswered, if I hadn’t built my own team of professionals who were ready to implement the idea of quirky fashion on a whole new level.

Believe me, it is a fact that one can’t fly an airplane without the assistance of a co-pilot, a ship cannot sail without a navigator and of course, a business dream is not possible without colleagues and supporters.

Thankfully, my team was by my side and took the idea to the next level with their creative thoughts and practical approach.

Slow And Steady Success

After struggling hard for a year, we began to challenge the so-called norms of the fashion industry by introducing some of the best pieces. Slowly and steadily, we turned the overall idea into a practical thing, and started making our presence felt with our products.

But still, the picture was not clear, as still I needed to establish the brand among people. And there it was – a big break.

From ‘Tum Kaun?’ To Comic Con

Finally, there came an opportunity to showcase my inner talent and urge to express our products in front of many people. There came the Comic Con event, that gave a whole lot of recognition to me and my team’s hard work.

Showcasing one’s level of creativity in front of many people was quite difficult, as one bad thing would ruin a year’s long effort. However, things did go much better than I planned, as we received a positive response from all sides. This is what gave me a great sense of confidence and a well-deserved push.