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Posted by Ankit Jha
January 28, 2018

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Religion is the sustainer of masses. People across different strata of our society have been mobilized across religious lines. The tendency to excarbate communal passions and the willingness of the liberal political class to bend the narrative by pointing towards so called DHARMATMAS like RAM RAHIM and ASHARAM for political dividends is the reason behind the misplaced priorities of the governing authorities and the so called SOCIAL REVOLUTION having not arrived yet.
But is it fair that pseudo liberal voices defame the ancient DHARMA-based tradition of our ancient civilization. What exactly is DHARMA ?
1) SHANTHI PARVA – 109-9-11 It is most difficult to define Dharma. Dharma has been explained to be that which helps the upliftment of living beings. Therefore, that which ensures the welfare of living beings is surely Dharma. The learned rishis have declared that which sustains is Dharma. 2) Karna Parva- Ch.. 69 Verse 58 Dharma sustains the society. Dharma maintains the social order. Dharma ensures well being and progress of Humanity. Dharma is surely that which fulfils these objectives. 3) JAIMINII-2: Dharma is that which is indicated by the Vedas as conducive to the highest good. 4) MADHACHARYA: Dharma is that which sustains and ensures progress and welfare ‘of all in this world and eternal Bliss in the other world. Dharma is promulgated in the form of commands. (positive and negative vidhi and nishedha). 5) Dr. L.M. Singhvi: We have been accustomed to use, though erroneously, the expression “Dharma Nirapekshata ‘ , so far as the State and its institutions are concerned, as an equivalent of secularism in contemporary Indian constitutional vocabulary and political parlance. A more accurate equivalent Hindi translation of “secularism” would be “Sampradaya-Nirapekshata” because “Dharma” in Indian tradition also stands for Law. Morality and no State can be devoid of Law and Morality.
True DHARMA is therefore a positive concept and for the welfare of all. If applied in this sense it can lead to the ling awaited SOCIAL REVOLUTION and ANTYODAYA in our country. For this parochial interests will have o be sidelined and a broad consensus on RIGHTEOUSNESS and UPLIFTMENT OF ALL will have to be drawn. Only then can we establish THE NEW INDIA.

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