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Do you think serving for sustainability is possible through unsustainable employment ??

Posted by Vidya Bhooshan Singh
January 15, 2018

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Being a employee of social sector we are facing great challenge of our own sustainability in jobs where we are trying to get a pace, commitment and starting taking ownership about the project activities and all ….in meanwhile we have to think about the project term and employment contracts …..we are working for sustainable development of society and environment without having our own sustainable career so it seems very contradictory for this sector where we are ensuring sustainability without committed individuals.

Social workers are experiencing the same kind of unseen future with their career, and always having fear of ending contract and pressure of keep searching and applying for the jobs. They usually get jobs with the contract of 11 or 12 month in which they took 3 month to understand the work and after 8 month again they have to do planning for next jobs so that means effectively only 5 months have been actual worked by any individual so if we are not able utilise the full capacity of our employees so how can we ensure sustainability in development sector ??

This is very burning issue of employment where most of the reputed organisation are recruiting for 6 to 12 months only, need to think about the better job opportunities to ensure full utilisation of capacities of the work force.

Looking for your views …please add your experiences and solutions to overcome with this being as employer and employees too.

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