Economic Survey: 7.5-7.7% Next Year: What will you get?

Posted by Krishna Singh
January 29, 2018

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Ha ha! Idiots are clapping. They do not realise for a moment that even if the figure is not distorted, they will get BIG ZERO. Should thank their star, if their purchasing power does not fall due unemployment, inflation, corruption!
From 50% of created wealth in our society, which went to less than 1% big capitalists few years back only, now its 73%!
Its interesting to remember, one of the famous quotes of Deng Xiaoping, “Let some people get rich first.”!!!
There are other kind of idiots who claim China to be a Communist country!
Hope you are not idiot enough to “invest” into stock market, which is inflated to a bursting point, in hope of quick money. It is nothing but sheer gambling!

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