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January 23, 2018

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The world is expanding with a plethora of opportunities in diversified sectors, availability of energy in abundance being the backbone of all such sectors. Sagar Institute of Science and Technology is one of the best engineering colleges in Bhopal MP which is constantly working on imparting qualitative education to the electrical engineers, who are considered to be the backbone of every sector.

The Economic growth that We aspire to attain as a nation, is a dynamic phenomenon involving various variables and constraints. Enhancing Power Capacity has appeared as an essential developmental requirement for our Economy. The per capita energy usage statistics contribute as a prominent factor for deciding growth level, India lags far behind other competitors. The attainment of the goal of our country to transform itself as a better country compared to its past and at the same time competing with the developed nation in status quo; We need to confront problems and devise innovative and implementable solutions.

Despite increasing trend, the country’s steep energy demands are unsatisfied. India simply needs more power. The present scenario consists of a shortfall of about 11% peak load demand in terms of electricity demands.  In reference to emerging renewable energy sector recently, PM Modi officially approved an ambitious plan for India’s fledgling solar sector. From the present solar power generation capacity of 4GW, it aims to produce as much as 100 GW by 2022 – with a target of attracting $100 billion investment in the next few years. In India, solar cumulative installations have reached 8.1 GW as of August 2016. Undeniably, Solar is the future. Solar is said to be the crucial component of India’s energy portfolio in the coming decade and is believed to evolve as a several-billion-dollar solar-centric sector. However, success on this front requires long-term commitment and a sound understanding of dynamics having roots in the practical application of concepts of Electrical Energy and other inter-disciplinary sectors as it plays as an interface between multi-stage energy conversions; from potential energy resources to its usable form as electricity.

The Energy sector is booming at a fast pace. And major dependency of Energy is in Electrical Engineering. From a small equipment used in daily households like a ceiling fan, mixer grinder to the Mobile Signal Towers, and heavy industrial applications everything in today’s tech-savvy world has its roots in deriving power from Electrical Energy. Even in the Transportation sector, We are soon going to see a shift from traditional internal combustion engines to the Electricity based vehicles. Flourishing Industries already majorly depend upon functioning in terms of Power requirements on Electricity only. Considering all this, it’s very obvious to conclude about the huge dependency upon Electrical Energy and its smart usage.

The field of Electrical Engineering is one of the prominent players in core Engineering disciplines. Along with that, this stream of Engineering is one of the preferred choices for individuals who want to have a balance between the available options to opt for a career in terms of Public sector and Private sector opportunities, after they complete their graduation. In addition to this, there is always demand of Electrical Engineers in all conventional Industries and systems. With the advent of new technologies like the Robotics, Virtual reality, High-speed internet connectivity, Embedded systems,  Automation and many more, all these have their roots engraved in Electrical Engineering principles.

There are ample opportunities for Electrical Graduates just that the need of the hour is about ensuring the competence level as expected by the modern day demands. A graduate must have employability skills and usability as a resource to the employer’s venture. Here comes the significance of practical skills they have inculcated during their college days. How much they have related what they study in books to what is actually required in technology-based applications. Their capability to understand the existing trends, along with those contributing innovative solutions to present problems help them in creating a niche for themselves.

In Context of Central India, Bhopal, the capital of M.P has emerged as an educational hub with promising opportunities for the budding Engineering graduates. There are ample government and  private institutions giving opportunities for pursuing Engineering discipline. But, when it comes to deciding upon where to pursue your dream course, some major revelations are critical. Talking about options in Central India, many institutes have their presence but only a few have been successful over a long run to meet up to the expectations and keeping the promises as far as Core Engineering disciplines are concerned.

Generally, there is mass mindset of relating the quality of institute by just the age since its inception but in today’s demanding situation, it is more important that does the Institute really serves what it boasts about. In Central India zone colleges like Acropolis, Vaishnav, LNCT, SISTec, and VIT are doing good in terms of quality outcomes like overall placement records, the customized training modules they run, the overall ambiance and practical labs infrastructure availability.

A college that practices a balanced pedagogy for nurturing its students as an Industry ready professional along with an evolved mature individual deserves to be the first choice. One must make an au courant choice keeping in mind about these factors.

Sagar Group of Institutions one of the favorite choices for the students of Bhopal.

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