Engineering education: A Muddle – headed condition for unacquainted ones.

January 31, 2018

Not every field of engineering ends in the information technology sector. Engineers from other sectors are going to the IT sector not on the basis of their engineering education, but by typical service-oriented course. Otherwise, they are taken as a business analyst or for some other BPO jobs, only because they only want a graduate who has a limited mindset to serve.

Many engineering degree holders are enthusiastic in the research and development sector of their core branches. This is because they expect or are looking for opportunities in project/product based jobs rather than service-based jobs.

Real electronics engineers always think about robotics, research works, further studies, huge scale integration design technology, embedded system designs, etc. Perhaps over expecting guardians don’t know these details regarding the sector in which their ward pursue.

They just only know that all branches of engineering are just limited to courses like JAVA, HTML, SQL etc. Nobody here knows about differences between programming languages, scripting languages, hardware descriptive languages, verification methodologies etc.

They just see the hoardings on the road printed only about two or three IT-related courses which assure the people that you’d get the job fast at the end of it. They never know the reality after the course period ends.

Shortcuts in getting jobs can only make you marry very fast. But, only the candidate knows what happens to their growth.

The basic fact is that ‘recognize yourself’. Don’t move ahead without thinking about your capabilities and interests. Usually, people follow the methods of others, as they have done it or going on the same path that’s why it would be best for me too. No, it may not be good for you. Complications still exist, or sometimes it increases instead of decreasing.

This doesn’t mean that the information technology field is bad. People choose it just because others are doing so. We should use our brain. If we are being selected in any IT related organization, but we don’t belong to that field, then this doesn’t mean that they have selected us on our engineering degree. They just want a simple graduate who can understand and deal general affairs of the organization and most importantly he/she has good communication skill. That’s all. They usually host the portal that they need B.E/ Etc. They never specify that they require an electronics/mechanical/electrical/civil/computer science engineering graduate. What does it mean? It means that if you know coding and interested in the same, then you are in for their technical work not for your domain of study otherwise they will designate you for some other affairs like business handling, associate roles, liaising, customer care support etc. For everyone the organization is same, but the domain of working is quite apart from the field of study.

So the question arises, why should anyone graduate in any specialized branch of engineering? IT related jobs could be achieved by learning few courses from some regional coaching institutes in our city. And companies always expect your knowledge in the area they work, your dedication towards the same and your work efficiency. And for the eligibility, you should be at least graduate in any area of study. It means it could be done by graduating in any field and simultaneously focusing on the updated courses of Information technology. And really, this won’t lead to the regret inside our heart, that we have learnt something else and implementing something else without any interest.

But, we and our guardians/parents think that we have completed engineering that’s why they are selecting us, and by degree, we are engineers, so they’re also we will be designated as engineers. But, the reality is quite apart from this.

Production is high, and the requirement is too low. Still, everyone is racing and lastly join any profile not with interest but due to helplessness or compulsion of being self-dependent.

This is not the matter of laughing at other’s situation. We have to think over it and try to rectify the current miserable condition of the education system and its consequences at the right time.