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Posted by Kamlesh Meghwal
January 14, 2018

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Springlr just launched their beta version to give users the flexibility to host an event or book tickets for an event online. The Bangalore based startup aims to expand services to PAN India to join leagues of startup sprung up in this space for the last couple of years.

What problem does Springlr solve?

We are trying to solve two pain points for normal users:
1. A platform which handpicks all the events happening around and let you be part of it.
2. Platform to host events and manage attendees.

Springlr is an early stage startup which let you discover events such as concerts, activities, festivals which are happening around you. It lets users host their own event and sell tickets online.

Springlr activities

Use case:

Imagine you are planning a road trip for very long time and you don’t have anyone to join with you. What do you do in that case? You keep postponing things.? right

Well, how about creating an event on our platform(maybe free event) and let fellow travelers be part of that trip. Isn’t this exciting? Yes, that’s what we do.

Meet the team:

Founding team consists of Kamlesh Meghwal and Divya. Kamlesh is the founder and takes care of technology and design. He did his graduation from ISM Dhanbad and has more than 5 years of working for early age startups.

Divya takes care of Social Media Management, Operations, and business development. Few interns are working with us to make this journey excited.


Springlr is completely bootstrap and runs by initial funding from Founders.

Revenue Model:

Currently, Springlr does not charge for any event which is free of cost. They take fix cut of 1% on each booking happened on non-free events. This is just first phase model, We have a lot of things coming on-board. You never know, Springlr might change to something super exciting.

Do we have competitors?

Yes, we do have competitors, a hell lot of. But being from pure startup background, We know how to survive 😉

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