For The Working Woman With Depression: 10 Simple Things That Can Help

Posted by Ghazala Parvez in Health and Life, Mental Health
January 19, 2018

I just had another breakdown. Every day, I want to be better, I want to feel better. I want to know that things are more in my control. I was thinking of a few things that generally help ease me, even if temporarily. Here’s a list.

1. A Hot Shower 

Great way to find a few minutes to process your thoughts and feelings. Hot water has a therapeutic, calming effect, and it helps clear your head. Even if it doesn’t, crying in the shower is actually not bad. You come out feeling a bit more refreshed.

2. Diary Writing

You really don’t need a diary for this. Even jotting down your feelings on a piece of paper, or any notebook will help. A therapist once made me devote 10 minutes to just writing a page with positive, affirming things about myself, and it really helped. It brought forward a side of me I never think about otherwise.

3. Going For A Walk Or A Run

Take some calming music along, if you can. Song lyrics make a big difference when it comes to pulling me out of a really low state of mind.

4. Sending An Honest Message To Your Boss

If you have a boss, sending an honest message to them about needing some time off, or discussing work issues, or sharing work-related thoughts will help ease out any assumptions you may have. If you are your own boss or run a company, keeping an open channel of communication with some senior employees about your frame of mind can help, but I wouldn’t know for sure.

5. Cleaning Your Bookshelf/Room/Drawer

Cleaning has a great therapeutic effect. A clean room or drawer can have an uplifting impact on your mind.

6. Drinking Water

Okay, this seems very Femina-ish, but trust me, since I started drinking more water, I have seen my health improve overall. It’s also a good habit to cultivate, and keeps you fresh.

7. WhatsApp/Email replies

If you’re like me, you probably have unreplied WhatsApp messages – to friends and family members. Clear that out, and clear your head. I get it – it’s difficult to do this on many days because you may not be in the best place to speak with people, but try and do this, or honestly tell close friends and family that you’ll reply later. This takes a mental load off.

8. Watching A Good, Uplifting Show About Other Working Women

Try “Parks And Recreation” or “Madam Secretary”, or a movie like “The Intern”. It’ll make you feel like there are other women with similar successes, problems and feelings like yours. It’ll make you feel more validated. Books written by women authors can really help as well.

9. Write A Letter

Write an email or letter to someone you’ve been meaning to speak to about your thoughts and feelings. It could be anyone. And here’s the deal – you don’t necessarily have to send it if you aren’t ready. Just writing it will make you feel lighter. I have tons of these, including resignation letters I am glad I haven’t sent, in retrospect.

10. Do Something That Brings Your Mind To The Present

If you’re like me, you probably have a tendency to get lost in ‘What If’ situations. Bring your mind back to the present in a five-minute activity of just observing and making mental notes of the things in your immediate surroundings. Then, take three deep breaths, and try and get back to work.