Friends and awareness

Posted by Lisa O'Grady
January 8, 2018

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Hi, I am a 51 year old Mom of three and Critical care and ER nurse for 25 years among other things.  I have always wanted to give to others who have nothing.  I became very ill with a debilitating illness, which I passed on to my two younger kids.  I always wanted to adopt children who had nothing.  To give and to love and to educate. I’ve wanted to help people in orphanages or the less fortunate as well.  I have worked hard Since I was 15.  I worked 3 nursing jobs at once while my husband went to get his law degree and work as a police man.  He now works at the state level.  He is the number two man in a State Department.   Well, Illinois, in the United States is broke.  So we have an illness that has left my kids bedbound and unable to get educated.  Insurance won’t cover our medical bills so everything is cash pay.  One medical treatment center, which is the same cost as all the others, cost 40,000-70,000 dollars for one person cash pay.  Not including housing. So what good has insurance been?  No good.  We have cash paid 100,000’s  of dollars in medical bills.    My oldest is an attorney as well, as she did not get the illness.  You’d think here in the United States, we would be taken care of.  We lost two homes and a condo and all our belongings.  When I think of having this illness in another country,  that can’t even get clean water or have a safe place to sleep or an education, I feel blessed.  I want so bad to give to others and help others elsewhere.  I have room to take in kids or woman and children and a great school district.  It makes me sad that I can’t offer that to some child or young woman who needs help leaving a bad situation.  So in a way I’m lucky to be so ill here. Even though I believe medical help should be paid for, as we work and pay such large amounts for insurance just to live pay check to pay check. But I am not fulfilled unless I can help people who don’t have a warm bed and clean water and food and education.  Your artical has made me realize why I love learning and connecting to people from all over the world.  For some reason it’s been mostly men,  for they are the ones who have reached out.  But they have been courteous and nice and have told me about their life and what they like and don’t like about it.  They still want to come to America.  They can’t stand the way woman are treated there, yet nothing is done about it.  One young man is helping his parents raise his niece because his sister lost her husband young and was still able to get married again and have more children.  She was not aloud to bring her daughter, that was the stipulation to remarry.   That could not be mentioned.  She couldn’t visit her daughter or have her daughter call her mom.   How sad.  He just acted like it was normal.  I would never leave my child for a man.  But I grew up in the United States where I have a choice.  She did not.  So, I can’t judge what I never grew up with or was raised to believe.  I just know it makes me sad and I want to do something.  If I can help in anyway, that someone can think of, please feel free to leave me a message or reply.  I am so saddened to see all these kids and woman grow up as slaves to men in many cases.  I want to help.  Thanks for reading.  Thanks to all the people who continue to help others and spread the word that we must all help each other as one race and one world.  We are all children of earth.    Lisa

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