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Fundamental rights

Posted by priya saini
January 22, 2018

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As we all know the citizens of India has the freedom of all rights . The citizens of India has the freedom to enjoy the development and harmonious personality. These are the basic human rights which all Indian citizen have the right to enjoy . The first right which comes under fundamental rights is the Right to Equality which is in the article 14-28. The Right to Equality is guranteed by the constitution of India . This right describes that the all citizens of India are equal before law . Nobody is above the law of land . The state can also not discriminate on the basis of caste , religion , sex , colour etc . The second right is the Right to Freedom . This right decribes the Right to Freedom of speech and expression in which restrictions are also there such as soverignity and integrity of India , incitement of offence etc . In this Right people are free to assemble peacefully without the arms such as sikhs can carry kirpan as its a part of their religious creed .

The third Right is the Right against exploitation . This Right describes that the human trafficking and beggar such as forced labour is punishable by law and is also considerbed as crime . The practice of prostitution has also been prohibited by the constitution of India . Human trafficking means such as child labour which is also a crime but in enviornment of poverty they were forced to seek their employement to earn their living .

The next Right is Right to Religion . We all know that India is a secular state . The provisions related to freedom of religion is making India a secular state . In India all religions are given equal importance .

The next Right is Right to education and culture describes that the particular community which has its own language and script has the right to conserve it and develop it and the culture should not impose any different culture on it . It provides all the communities to establish their own institution of their choice . The last right is Right to constitutional remedies which the every citizen has the right to move to supreme court if there is any transgression and violation of fundamental rights .


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