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Posted by Abhisek Misra
January 3, 2018

Its very strange that today in 2018 where every thing in India is modernizing either in the field of  technology or the industrial sectors & many more sectors but still for some of us Girl Child is a Blessing and sadly for some of us its a Curse.

In this era I don’t find any difference between the abilities of a boy and a girl as i don’t think there is any milestones left that  a girl child hasn’t achieved till now. But still some of us thinks that girl child is a curse.Either in Defense or in beauty pageant championship and in every field girl has proven their abilities but still some of us thinks that girl child is a curse.

Many families in India want that their child should be a boy but not a girl. When a boy is born in a family , the family celebrates it in an extravagance way but why not this scenario is same when the girl child is born but the fact is both Girl and Boy child bring respect to their families then why there is a big partiality between girl and a boy  in our so called Society. 

Many parents in India either in cities or in villages think that its a wastage of money to educate Girl child but the same thing doesn’t applies for a boy child. Why ? . Why all the basic rights are awarded to only a boy child whereas girl child has equal right to get the basic amenities as that of boy child. Why many families save money only for  marriages of girl child not for their education ? Why many parents think that its a wastage of money to educate a girl child?

In this modern era in India why all the restrictions are awarded to only girl child only ?

  • Girls are restricted to go out after 7 pm . Why the same things not awarded for boys if it applies for girls?
  • Girls are judged by what dress they wear but why the same thing not applies for boys?
  • In case of rape why everyone has the right to judge the girl , why girls will be humiliated by everyone ?
  • Why some of us thinks that when a girl is roaming with 4 boys , the the girl might be a slut.

I personally believe that Girl child are Angels which are gifted from heavens. In my personal view I would like to say that stop discriminating between GIRL & BOY CHILD as both have the equal rights on their basic right in this so called judgemental society. Girl child is not a curse but its a wonderful blessing

Rightly said that we cannot think a world without a Girl child as She is a Sister, Wife & Mother in every Men’s life and without Sister, Wife & Mother we cannot think a world .

Lastly, Embrace  a Girl child as a Blessing but not as a Curse.

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