Posted by Kunj Shah
January 24, 2018

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Dear girls,
As a girl you have responsibilities more than boys. More prohibitions and less freedom. Girls are moving ahead and works or stand shoulder to shoulder with boys nowadays. Girls are getting equal opportunities as boys to show their caliber. Fashion is important and living your own space is also necessary. Yes, it’s important to set our mentality accordingly..but won’t you think our parents too are important part of your life?? No doubt our parents trust us blindly and gives us the permission for all we do. But sometimes we blame our parents for not letting us to go for parties and trips. We always want them to act according to us and if they didn’t act accordingly then they are of backward mentality.
”Mom, why don’t you allow me to go out with my friends?”
“Why I’m not supposed to wear shorts dad?”
“Why you guys always want me to act according to you, look at my friends they wear shorts and their parents like it”
“Look at her, she goes to parties, wear shorts and her parents like it. They support her.”
“Why you guys have such a low mentality??”
The above are the common dialogues we use to set our so called high class mentality in front of our parents.Whatever may be the situation our parents will always be there for us.
May the world think you are not beautiful but for our parents we are the most charming and unique..
Don’t hurt your parents.Girls are like diamonds to their parents. My dad always says,
” A Girl for her parent is like a piece of mirror, once got a scratch will never ever be used again”.
Girls parents care for us. They don’t have low mentality, but they have tremendous care and love for us.
Life is like the bicycle, and we all are the riders.. While riding the bicycle balancing is important. Where one wheel of the bicycle is our thinking and other is thinking of society and else. Balance thoughts of both then you will enjoy your ride.
Girls wearing shorts is fashion but respecting elders and handling them with no frustration is tradition..
Think of it??……..
Being a girl is like being the lioness.And we all know majority of times lioness hunts and being lioness is a proud.But lions are also important to save the lioness from other male lions. In short lions save their prides.yes we are the lioness and our loved ones are like lion saving us from the bad situation..
So girls just think before passing any judgment to the people in your favor!!

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