He Doesn’t Hit Me, BUT

Posted by Anam Farhat in Gender-Based Violence, Inspiration, Video
January 3, 2018

Emotional abuse is the most unrecognized form of being harmed. The invisible poison, that sits on the boundary of subtle manipulation and love. Neither the victim nor the perpetrator could be aware of the abusive nature of their relationship. It is based on insecurities and a need to control the partner.

Emotional abuse often overrides with the compensation of immense affection and display of guilt by the perpetrator partner.

Tanya (name changed), would justify the control of her partner towards her life by saying, “Because he loves me a lot”

It’s like an insidious gas filling all the chambers of your life.

The partner would often be undermined of their self-worth. They limit you to an invisible chain of suppression, creating boundaries of who you meet and where you go. They blame all their unhappiness in their life on you and make you feel guilty.

Most of the women end up believing that only the wounds caused by physical abuse are unacceptable, but the control and boundaries established by their partners can be an acceptable form of love. What often is misunderstood is that emotional abuse impairs the sense of self for a much longer time while the invisible wounds remain unacknowledged.

Is love about living in fear? Should love make you feel small?

Here’s a video inspired by #Hedoesnthitme