Healthy Lunch Ideas That Fills Your Tummy

Posted by Yemen Rathod
January 30, 2018

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“What’s for lunch?” asks your rumbling tummy. You pause for a minute and look at the home delivery menu or your favorite app.

If this sounds like you, we’ve got you covered. Making lunches isn’t a hardcore practice, it’s simple, convenient, and creative – if you know the kinds of chops to throw in. That’s where Eatfit Curefit comes in.

Protein-packed, slow-to-digest, low in calories, and leaves you feeling fuller longer, these healthy lunch ideas will make going to work an ecstatic experience that leaves you simply craving to make more the next time you go to the office.

Here are top six healthy lunch ideas that will make your tummy experience pure bliss, without burning a hole in your pocket, of course.

Exotic Salads

Throw in a couple of lettuce leaves, fruits, and lean meat portions in a bowl, blend them well, and top them with almonds, nuts, and pistachios. Experiment with different toppings and even try adding tofu or cottage cheese for the ultimate nutritious spin.

Pasta Bowls

Make once, eat thrice. That’s how simple these pasta bowls are. Make pasta and add salads and favorite toppings of your choice. Good topping ideas include poached eggs, salmon, lettuce, tomatoes, and other veggies. Easy to pack, portable, and quick to prep up too. Try them out!

Wholesome Wraps

Wraps are not only nutritious but wholesome. The best part is that they are easy to prepare and do not require slaving away hours in the kitchen. Take some whole wheat bread and add fillings like lean chicken portions, a pile of veggies, and top them with a little avocado dressing for a healthy spin. Pack them up for lunch and if you’re in the mood, keep an extra for dinner because they really pack a protein-powered punch!

The Tomato Tuna Melt

Slice up a tomato in two and fill them up with a serving of delicious homemade tuna for a protein-powered lunch. You get your tune, protein, and veggies – all in one mix! It’s low in carbs plus you swap out bread for the tomato!

Portable Soups

Who said you couldn’t have soups for lunch? Take your thermos flask and pop in a little batch-cooked soup which you can reheat and have during lunch hours. From carrot and ginger soups, bean and barley soups, and Mexican bean soup with shredded chicken and lime, soups are easy to make and one of the ultimate lunch ideas that don’t summon a lot of effort to make.


Forget old-school peanut butter jelly sandwiches and go new-school. Take some pita bread, a couple of your favorite ingredients, and assemble them up quick for a delicious and filling lunch that’s healthy and nutritious. Lettice, tomato, chicken, pork, beef, or even tofu! There are numerous variants you can explore and pita bread is low in calories too, thus aiding in your weight loss regimes.


Eatfit Curefit hopes you give these healthy lunch ideas a try. They are fuss-free, customizable, low in calories and pack a serious punch in terms of nutrition and deliciousness. Skip drive-thrus, greasy pizzas, and unhealthy takeaways with these luncheon ideas and your mind/body will thank you for it. Your co-workers may even want a bite after seeing you dig in and what better way to reward yourself for a hard day’s work than a lunch you can make and eat guilt-free? Right?

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