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‘Don’t Want Blood Stains In Car’: Thoughts After A Tragic Road Accident I Read About

Posted by Anubhuti in Society
January 22, 2018

I was going through the news in my mobile, and suddenly was shocked by a headline. It said, “‘Don’t Want Blood Stains In Car’: UP Cops Refuse Help To Dying Teens.”

There was a viral video which was seen, so action was taken against the cops. They actually refused to help two teenagers who met with an accident. The accident happened in UP’s Saharanpur district. They didn’t want their patrol car’s seat to get dirty. Thus, they didn’t help them. Wow! What an example, these people are setting. People were pleading for help and they didn’t get any. Both of them died. They were 17.

It was so heartbreaking. What if they were their kids? If they would have been their kids, would the thought of dirty seats come to their mind at all?

Several thoughts came into my mind. Can we please help people? Maybe not every time, but we must at least come forward in these dire situations. I remember reading a poem in class 8 or 9. It was also about the same thing. There was once a girl who was in a hurry and didn’t help a man who had met with an accident. And when she met with an accident, nobody came to help her. She finally died and said, “You’re never in a hurry to not save a life. You could at least take them to the hospital.”

We often see people not helping injured people to get to the hospital. Why? Because people always say, “Police ke chakar me kaun padega? (Who wants to get involved in a police case?)” But, really? Just because we don’t want to get interrogated, should we leave people dying?

Remember the movie, “Jai Ho”? It taught us such a simple thing – don’t say thank you, but if you get a chance help three people, do that and tell them to help three more. My heart melts at such a thought. It is so simple, yet unimaginably powerful.

People, it is a request – help people in need, and you’ll be helped in return.