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How casually are we taking this moral policing issue?

Posted by Pramey Nigdikar
January 27, 2018

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To all those, who think it’s funny that these so called ‘Activists’ or ‘Dal’ thrash couples on Valentine’s Day-

This kind of Moral Policing is a form of Violent Extremism, that we should be against, but instead we’re making Facebook events about the same.

Who gave them the right to beat couples? These are just insecure people who just hate the idea of ‘Love’ and just want to spread hatred. And you Sir, yes YOU. You Laugh. You act like, it’s not your problem, so why should you care? Because this hasn’t happened to you, my friend.

Imagine the mental trauma someone goes through when these activists out of nowhere beat them or embarrass them, just because they were consensually spending time with their partner. Causing no trouble at all to anyone. They record them, call their parents, and whatnot. What was the couple’s fault again? Oh right, they were spending time with each other.

They beat women as well. People get hospitalised, but what do we do? We laugh, as if it’s a joke. What do we do? We try to ignore the problem by taking it lightly, as if it doesn’t even exist. And at last what do we do? We, knowingly or unknowingly, add our contribution to this garb.

‘THIS IS NOT INDIAN CULTURE”, they say. But apparently, beating someone, for no reason at all, that’s our culture.

This is not a blame game. This is just a reminder about where we’ve gone wrong. Our fundamentals are wrong. Our foundation is shaky. We’ve gone to the wrong road all together.

Yes, we should be careful about what we speak, what we do. This is high time now.
Just think about it. It might feel like what difference would this make, but the very biggest of fires start with a spark.

Yes, the jokes you make about women, unknowingly, affect our environment. Yes, the racist comments that you make, unknowingly, affect our thinking. And yes, taking this garb of Moral Policing, lightly, affects the very foundation of our culture.

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