You Can Do It Too: How Three Online Courses Helped Me Get Six Internships!

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January 20, 2018

We all have a love-hate relationship with summers – we love them for the fun they get and hate them for the number of wasted days. Luckily enough, Internshala Trainings made sure that summers are not only fun for me but also full of learning.

When I was in my second year of BBA, I went to an internship fair at DTU, Delhi. I remember how difficult it was for me to score an internship. The only thing they had asked me was if it was necessary for me to do an internship in the first year. I soon came to know about Internshala. I registered on it, created my resume, and started applying for internships. However, I didn’t get selected for an internship, maybe because I didn’t have the right skills. The rejections left me disappointed, and I stopped applying further. Then, I came to know about Internshala Trainings. I enrolled myself in advance excel, business communication skills, and digital marketing.

In the advance excel training, I went through the basic and advanced modules of MS-Excel. In the basic module, I learnt simple operations, formulas, and texts, mathematical, statistical, and financial functions. In the advanced modules, I got familiar with sorting, filtering, and creating pivot tables. The business communication skills training taught me the significance of effective communication in the corporate world and introduced me to different modes of communication – their principles and techniques. I learnt to write effective communication letters and resumes.

The digital marketing training, however, proved to be the stepping stone to my career. Broadly, I learnt Google Analytics, email marketing, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, and social media marketing. I learnt how to promote a blog via email marketing, how SEO works, different ways to improve the ranking of a blog using SEO tools, and how Google Adwords, paid marketing, and mobile marketing work. Last but not the least, I got acquainted with advertising and inbound marketing and learnt how to promote a blog on different social media platforms. I faced a few issues while pursuing these training programmes, but all of my queries were solved through their live chat support system and comprehensive explanations.

I reworded my resume and added these skills to it. I began applying for internships once again; this time I got selected for four out of the six internships I had applied to. My dashboard that earlier showed ‘Not selected’ now showed ‘Hired’ or ‘In Touch’. Till date, I have completed four internships and am pursuing two internships currently.

My Internship Experience

I gave telephonic interviews for all these internships wherein I was majorly questioned about my experience in digital marketing. I would tell the interviewers about the training programmes that I had pursued and the responsibilities I handled in my previous internships. I was also asked questions related to brand promotion on social media, SEO, and techniques that I would adapt to decrease the cost per acquisition (CPA).

I joined ‘Mere Exams’ as a social media intern. There I had to collect the contact details of students and promote the company’s brand among students on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. At an internship platform, as a brand manager intern, I had to get 125 college students to register on their platform. I closed that many registrations by promoting the organisation on Facebook and Whatsapp. Next, I got hired for sales and promotion at ‘Earn with Brains’ wherein I had to get students to register for their online contest. I also had to promote this contest on social media. At ‘Creation Cradle’, I was hired as a digital marketing intern. My role there was to promote their brand on social media. I also employed a word of mouth branding there.

Currently, I am working as a brand ambassador intern at ‘SportsCafe’ and ‘Code Ground’. As an intern in the former organization, I have to plan and execute a 4-week long campaign to advertise their app on Facebook and Instagram to generate a substantial number of downloads. I also have to devise strategies to decrease their posts’ CPA. In the latter, I have to promote their online contests among students. Owing to my previous four internships and three training programmes, I was hired in these organizations without any interview!

About the Author: Shivam Arora, a student of Allenhouse Business School, UP, talks about his struggles of grabbing an internship. He shares how online training helped him learn new skills and fostered his path to land internships.  This story was first published on Internshala.

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